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Do you still keep track of your TOPS weights on paper?

Is it time to upgrade to a computer?

With Marker TOPS, you'll be able to:

  • Enter your weights on any online computer. No need to install anything.
  • Look up any weight from any member, from any time
  • Instantly print out a complete Weight Chart (L-027T and L-027K) for any or all members, with all information already filled in.
  • Instantly print out a complete Chapter Resume (L-010), with all information already filled in.
  • See statistics for each member.

Marker TOPS is designed to help the TOPS person who records weights, to store information online, and retrieve the information easily. Weights can be entered easily, right here on the web site, after you log in, and forms can be downloaded and printed with all information already entered in the form. The chapter leader will also love the quick and easy access to all kinds of statistics.

And the cost? Your free trial lasts for up to three months. After that it's less than a dollar week. Only $49 a year for your chapter.

Sign up now for a free trial!